Why ER-AH?

Dear prospective student, there are a lot of reasons for you to prefer ER-AH Flight School; here are some of them;

The students of ER-AH do not feel the stress of getting a job because their job is ready beforehand. ER-AH will provide job opportunities to prospective pilots, who complete their education successfully, by means of contract made with SunExpress Airlines. ER-AH, is the only flight school that raises directly pilot to airline company.

90% of the graduated prospective pilots who has taken education from ER-AH are accepted by airline companies. (It is valid for students who did not attend any program during their education.)

Graduated Pilots

You do not have to wait for the convenient climate conditions in order to make a flight because you can complete your education in convenient climate conditions for flight within VFR conditions of 320-330 days in a year.

Prospective students taking education in ER-AH are raised as having a command of airline literature. Prospective pilots are being raised in such a manner that they will be able to find a job in airlines easily and adapt to it with their knowledge, education and discipline.

Although the airport in which ER-AH gives its education meets the international standards, on the purpose of getting more experience, long-distanced education flights are persecuted at 15 different domestic and foreign international airports.

ER-Ah uses Electronic Books, which can be downloaded and used in IPAD, on the purpose of providing students with technology and easier education in ATPL training. Therefore, prospective pilots have the opportunity to study wherever and whenever they want to.

ER-AH can provide both full formal education and 50% distance education of ATPL Theory training in accordance with the will of its students.

ER-AH not only gives the most qualified education it can also offer this educations with the most affordable price and partial payment option to its students.

Price List

It contains experienced teachers who has given education at important flight schools of the world and directly give classes focused on airlines right along with pilots who have made captainship for years in airlines.

Ground course educations are given by the specialist people: Chief pilot, airplane engineer, meteorology engineer, air traffic controllers, flight planning specialists, airplane maintenance technician and specialist doctors...

ER-AH uses latest technology Glass Cockpit (14 pieces) Cessna and Piper type airplanes which are used by many flight schools worldwide.

In air craft, synthetic education which enables the practice of emergency procedures and abnormal flight conditions, which is impossible to practice during flight, is the most important and vital process of pilotage education.

ER-AH’s synthetic education is given by experienced teachers, who made the captainship in airlines for long years, in Elite S812 FNPT II simulator.

In a simulator where all the area data around the world are recorded, since the air conditions can be varied, conditions such as visibility distance is very low or strong wind can also be practiced and this consolidates the education more.

Elite S812 FNPT II simülatörü, JAA ve SHGM yönetmeliğinde belirtilen JAR-FSTDA’ya uygun olarak dizayn edilmiştir. Eğitimlerde kullanılan C172 ve PIPER serilerinin tamamını içinde barındıran simülatör, son teknoloji olup MCC eğitimlerine de uyum sağlayabilmektedir.

ER-AH has the authority of carrying out maintenance to all airplanes within their formation by means of their own technicians. By this means, students do not have to wait like other students in other flight schools when the periodical maintenance of airplanes are needed to be inspected and the trainings will be completed without experiencing any delay in flights.

Antalya Theoretical Education Facility

There are 16 classroom equipped with latest technology, CBT (Computer Base Training) room, R/T (Radio Telephony) classroom, library equipped with all the documents about aviation, canteen as social activity place during breaks, teachers room, administrative affairs office and executive offices in 5-storey theoretical education facility located in Antalya Perge Boulevard.

Antalya Synthetic Education Facility

Synthetic Education Facility which improves the students’ flight experience and eyesight and enables them to realize their shortcomings during flight is in the theoretical education facility.

Antalya Flight Education Facility

International Antalya Airport is an international airport which has the highest passenger capacity succeeding İstanbul Atatürk Airport. The students take education in the airport in which the trainings are planned to made only in winter because of the intensity in summer time and they are going to work in the sector one step ahead thanks to their experience gained through education.

Isparta Flight Education Facility

Brifing rooms to consolidate trainings before and after flights, classrooms for theoretical education, chief flight teacher room, teachers’ room, recreation room and canteen for student’s social activities in thousand square meter airdome in Isparta Airport.

Istanbul Ground School Facility  

Er-Ah Flight School has the authorization of providing any kind of flight trainings from Private Pilot License (PPL) trainings to Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL Frozen) trainings with its high experienced and expert training team.

Convenient commuting options through Besyol metrobus & bus stop.,Equipped with high technology classes, Resting Area, Head of Training room for Consulting, Teachers Room, Meeting Room, Administration Office, Management Office.

Life in Antalya and Isparta has almost the same pace with life in İstanbul. It is possible to stay in rented apart rooms, guest house and hotels by paying more affordable prices by virtue of ER-AH’s agreements made for the favour of students.

Thank you for choosing us.