Professional Pilot Training

Pilot training in civil aviation are done under the regulations and supervision of national civil aviation authorities and procedures which are determined by international aviation authorities like European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA (In EU), Federal Aviation Administration, FAA (In USA), and International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO.

 ICAO rules are valid in the whole world and it is obligatory to observe them. However, USA an EU continues to carry out civil aviation activities in their areas with doing regulations and add-ons on rules of ICAO. For this reason, licenses which are taken in USA according to rules of FAA are not valid in Turkey and European countries and it needs a conversion regarding EASA rules. 

Although Turkey is not an EU member, civil aviation activities and pilot trainings are done according to rules of EASA and pilot licenses are EASA approved. 

There are three different systems are used in airline pilot training today: Integrated Pilot Training, Modular Pilot Training and Multi Pilot License Training (MPL).

Integrated Pilot Training 

In this training model theoretical and flight training are planned and implemented together from the beginning. When you could not finish your training in integrated training for some reason it is impossible to continue this training in another flight school and credit this training.

Modular Pilot Training

Airline pilot training is configured according to specific models. First, necessary training starts for Private Pilot License and then commercial pilot, instrument flight warranty, multi engine class warranty and necessary theoretical training for airline piloting are taken as modular.

Multi Pilot License (MPL)

It is a more prepared pilot training model which is cheaper for airlines with medical training. This system, which is still developed and started in some countries as pilot scheme, is a pilot training system developed with the close following and analyse of pilots’ job performances who are raised in this system. MPL application is not started in Turkey yet.