Our Synthetic Training Device which provides our students to realize their faults during flight and increases flight experience and eyesight is in the theoretical training facility. Our synthetic trainings are given in Elite S812 FNPT II simulator by experienced flights instructors who served as pilot in airlines for long years.

Emergency methods which are not possible to be applied during flight and synthetic training which allows the applying of abnormal flight conditions in every way are the most important and crucial phase in pilot training in the aircraft.

Since air conditions can be diversified in our simulator, which has all the area data in the world in its memory, training is consolidated with the application of low eyesight and high wind.

Our Elite S812 FNPT II simulator is designed according to JAR-FSTDA which is stated in the JAA and SHGM. Our high technology simulator can be adapted to MCC trainings and it includes all of the C172 and PIPER series that we use in our trainings.

ELITE S812 FNPT II simulator is acknowledged worldwide;

  • With its real flight integrated system,
  • With is control system which is designed dynamically
  • With its system which can be converted to singe or multi engine airplanes
  • With its improved video quality

Redbird TD simulator;
Er-Ah bought Redbird TD simulator, which has Garmin 1000 (G1000) avionics, from Canada in order to give students a better training who will receive training in 4 pieces of Cessna 172 Skyhawk airplanes. This simulator is always available for our students.