Modular ATPL (A) Frozen (Airline Transportation Pilot License)

Aim Of The Course

Giving all theoretical and flight trainings for applicants who do not have any flight experience from PPL (A) beginner training to ATPL (A) Frozen. The successful students hold ATPL (A) Frozen License.

Terms of Course Attendance


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Being at least 18 years old


  • Being graduated from at least from High Schools and their equivalents
  • Knowing English in advanced level
  • Knowing physics and math enough to follow the education

Taking bill of health which shows that the person has first class or second class sanitary conditions, from healthcare organizations licensed by DGCA.

Having proper conduct sheet


Modular ATPL (A) course is consisted of 7 levels. In the context of this program candidates complete the ground lesson and flights and gain right to take “Modular ATPL (A) Frozen” license. Candidates receive; PPL, ATPL Theory, NR, PIC, IR, CPL and ME trainings in turn.

1. Module PPL (A) (Private Pilot License)

 Ground Course Training

  •  Ground courses are given in Turkish and English
  • Ground courses are 5 weeks, 6 hours a day and totally 132 hours at least.
  • Additionally 18 hours of VFR radio-telephony course is given.
  • Being the first in Turkey; additional to ground course program we give theoretical ground lesson which lasts 3-6 hours and also 2 hours of practise training is given in G-1000 simulator for the purpose of preparation to our airplanes equipped with Garmin-1000
  • Ground Courses are divided into 10 subjects showed down below and pass mark is 75 (Out of 100)







Air Law




Aircraft General Knowledge


Operational Procedures


Flight Performance and Planning


Principles of Flight


Human Performance and Limitations






General Flight Safety

Ground Course Training Exam Details

  • Pilot candidate who completes ground course and flight training successfully are subjected to written theoretical information exam under the supervision of Turkish Directorate of General Civil Aviation in order to gain license.
  • Pilot candidate who gets 75 and more points from 120 questioned exam has the right to take flight talent exam.

Flight Training

  • Pilot candidate who fulfils ground courses take 45 hours flight training.
  • Flight training is divided as 40 hours on aircraft, 5 hours on Simulator.
  • Flight training is made 10 hours PIC (pilot-in-command) and the rest is dual (dual-control flight).
  • 45 hours of flight training is completed in 45 flight day in case of suitable meteorological conditions and full attendance of candidates to flight schedule.

 Flight Talent Exam Details

Pilot candidate who takes passing grade from theoretical information exam takes the 1.30-hour flight talent exam.
Pilot candidate who also passes the flight talent exam gains right to take PPL (A) by completing at least 132-hour theoretical and 46,3-hour flight training approximately in 4 months.
Please click here to have more detailed information and to find the DGCA License regulations.

Experience and Crediting

Microlight, ultralight, planör, helikopter lisansına sahip olan adayların 1. pilot uçuşlarının %10‘ u kredilendirilir.  Ancak bu kredilendirme 10 saati geçemez.

2. Modular ATPL (A) Theory Distance Training (Airline Transportation Pilot License Theoretical Training)

  • It’s a course which allows receiving ground courses of Airline Transportation Pilot Training distance. Only ground courses are received distance as modular like showed in the table only if the other conditions are same.
  • Half of the total course time which is 660 hours is received in classes.

  • Compulsory attendance is approximately 57 days during training.
  • At the end of each module, trainee gains right to take related module exams done by DGCA.

First Module:

12 days of formal training in class, Padpilot system introduction and upload of lessons to Ipad, formal training. 7 weeks of distance training, after that you come to school, receive 8 days of ground course and take exams

Second Module:

12 days of ground course and exams, 7 weeks of distance training, after that you come to school, receive 8 days of ground course and take exams

Third Module:

10 days of ground course and exams, other 6 weeks is distance training, at the end you come to school, receive 7 days of ground course and take exams

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3. Module NR (Night Rating)

 Aim of the Course

It aims pilots to develop flight abilities, as PIC (pilot-in-command), under visual flight conditions.

Terms of Course Attendance

PPL (A) license has to be held to attend NR courses.

 Training Lesson Subjects

Subjects of training lesson are prepared according to JAR-FCL 1.125 (c). It develops the night flight ability of trainee and also two hours of ground lesson is planned in order to raise the necessary information level.

Flight Training

In the frame of Turkish AIP, flight Training is 5 hours (3 hours dual) and it consists of 2 hours PIC under-supervision of flight instructor, giving ability to see and fly at night, landings with lights on or off, alternator malfunctions and some emergency procedure. Flight training is scheduled for a week. 

4. Module PIC (Pilot-In-Command Flights):
  • PIC flights are 88 hours flights under student pilot control and responsibility.
  • In order to take ATPL (A) license student can make PIC flights when the 2rd step ATPL theoretical knowledge course is continuing, if they want. Student who does PIC flights simultaneously with theoretical trainings not only gains time but also maintains his flight abilities.

5. Module IR (Instrument Rating):

  • IR is the instrument flight training.
  • It totally covers 50 hours flight training.
  • Training is done 15 hours on aircraft, 35 hours on FNPT-II Simulator located in Antalya synthetic training centre.
  • Flights are made in Antalya and Isparta.
  • IR training lasts for approximately 8 weeks.

6. Module CPL (Commercial Pilot License):

  • It is a training that is required to take Commercial Pilot License.
  • It totally covers 15 hours flight.
  • Lasts approximately 5 weeks.

CPL/IR Control Flight

  • At the end of this level; with the completion of 200 hours of flight and approximately 800 hours of theoretical knowledge course and exams, student is subjected to 2 hours of CPL/IR control flight under the supervision of authority control pilot coming from Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
  • Students who succeed in CPL/IR license continues ME training to take multi-engine rating.

7. Module ME (Multi Engine Rating):

  • Students who succeed in CPL/IR license fulfils ME training to take multi-engine rating.
  • Necessary for using multi engine airplanes, this training covers 12 hours ground course and 13 hours flight training.
  • Training is done 10 hours on aircraft, 3 hours on FNPT-II Simulator located in Antalya synthetic training centre.

  • ME control flight is applied by our school’s examiner pilots.