Our General Manager

Wright brother’s success in making the first human flight at the 17th day of December 1903 was a revolution in terms of world history. Meeting with the aviation first time, mankind started to take steps in a greater pace than ever before. These periods which we can call the crawling period of aviation reached unpredictable levels and after 66 years from 1903 when mankind took the first step on aviation, the first small but very important steps were taken on the moon.

If there is one thing that is never changed from those days to today, it is the unpreventable development of aviation. Traveling with airplanes is not luxurious anymore; it has become a part of our daily lives. Business men, who have got a private pilot licence, personally piloting his own airplane, which is parked at the nearby airport around his house, and returning home in the same way at the end of the day will also be witnessed and become widespread in our country after America and it is not a dream anymore.

It is a great honour and pride for us to take part in ER-AH Aviation which begins its journey with this kind of vision and mission and adopts serving more to Turkish aviation as a principle day by day. Our company was established with the aim of doing agricultural spraying flight and serving to our country’s agriculture in Isparta, in 1983. As the developing and changing world leads us and in accordance with our country’s needs, our company has incorporated air taxi and flight training activities in 2003 and 2008 respectively.   

Since its establishment, our company has never made concessions of high quality service and become the precursor of many things with its experienced pilots who were chief pilots in airlines for flight training and with young and dynamic staff. In this respect, it has become the first flight school which started the Padpilot (Electronic Book) application in Turkey first and in accordance with its consideration of technology and innovation it renewed its entire formation with contemporary glass cockpit airplane in 2010. Our flight school, which is able to use the positive conditions of the geography for its own benefit, is in the leading position in Turkey because it provides fly ability for 320 days within a year with its location and provides prospective pilots with only air navigation flight to abroad in the course of training. 

Our school, which has always been proud of our graduated pilots’ quality and success, has been accomplishing all the given duties in order to maintain these achievements and even to multiply them and has been proceeding its projects with this belief and determination.