Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport provides the perfect environment for the continuity of the flight training with its 3000 meters long 05/23 runway, suitable climate for flight and modern facilities. With no intense daily airline traffic and 340 days a year VFR training sufficiency, Isparta aerodrome is ideal for nonstop flight training.

As ERAH Aviation Academy, we make our students’ dream come true with our first in Turkey flight campus at Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport.

Our academy which improves its investments to the academy facilities since the day its found, carried out a new strategy starting from 2019. ERAH, while being a pioneer in high quality and steady training with its vision, took step to transform Uşak to a flight training center after Isparta.

Apron and hangar of Uşak Airport is built and put into service by ERAH Aviation Academy with a project to meet all necessities of aviation training. ERAH being the best aviation academy with its fleet and instructor staff, gained another privilage by having aerodrome diversity.

Additional to the two main aerodromes, between november and april, our training flights continues in Antalya International Airport which has suitable weather conditions for flights, to speed up our students’ basic training and carry out their instrument training procedures in the best way possible.

Depending on the training, our academy offers wide range of navigation and instrument training flight experience in international airports to our students. In this context, Bursa Yenişehir, Milas-Bodrum, Dalaman, Alanya Gazipaşa, Denizli Çardak, Samsun Çarşamba and many other aerodromes in different cities of Turkey is used for navigation and instrument training flights.

With the opportunities we provide, our students continue their high quality, safe and steady training.