Course Objectives

Our trainings special for employed people are provided at the same hours with Modular Airline Pilot License Training.
In this program, which is special for employed people we provide our students, who cannot attend the theoretical trainings, with limited hours of make-up training and special flight training planning.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Age:

- Being over 18,

Education Level:

- Being high school or equivalent school graduates, - Having intermediate level of English knowledge, - Having sufficient level of mathematics and physics knowledge to follow the course,

Medical Conditions:

- To hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate issued by DGCA, Click here to reach the list of authorized hospitals.

Other Conditions:

- Having appropriate criminal record,


Course Stages

Airline Transport Pilot License Training for employed people consists of 7 stages. Within the scope of this program, our students are entitled to receive “ATPL” license by completing PPL, ATP Theory, NR, PIC, IR, CPL and ME trainings in the specified order.

1. Module Private Pilot License Training (PPL)

Theoretical Education

- Courses are given in Turkish and English. - It is planned to be at least 125 hours in total over 4 hours a day. - The trainings are held as evening sessions between 18.00 and 22.30. - Theoretical trainings are given in our Istanbul Theoretical Training Center. - Training lasts about 6 weeks. - You can see the 10 courses taken in theoretical education in the table below.

PPL Theory Courses

010 Hava Hukuku 060 Seyrüsefer
020 Uçak Genel Bilgisi 070 İşletme Prosedürleri
030 Uçuş Performansı 080 Uçuş Prensipleri
040 İnsan Performansı ve Limitleri 090 Haberleşme
050 Meteoroloji 100 Genel Uçuş Emniyeti

PPL Theoretical Training Graduation Exam Details

- Students who have successfully completed the theoretical education take the multiple-choice theoretical knowledge exam at the DGCA exam center before starting flights. - Students who score 75 or more in the 120-question exam can start flight training.

Flight Training

- A total of 45 hours and 15 minutes flight training is planned for the students who have successfully completed the theoretical training. - 40 hours and 15 minutes of flight training is given in the aircraft and 5 hours in the simulator. - 10 hours and 15 minutes of flight training are performed alone (PIC) and 35 hours are given as dual control flight with the teacher. - If the weather conditions are suitable for the training flight and the pilot candidate does not interrupt the planned flight, 45 hours and 15 minutes of training shall be completed on approximately 45 flight days.

Details of PPL Flight Ability Test

- Student pilots who take a valid grade from theoretical knowledge exam and complete their flights take 1 hour 30 minute flight ability test. - - The student who has successfully completed the flight aptitude test is entitled to obtain a PPL license with a minimum of 125 hours of theoretical and 46 hours and 45 minutes of flight training in a total of approximately 5 months. For futher information, please visit the DGCA Regulations section at

2. Module ATP Theory 90% Distance Education

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to enable the candidates who have not received theoretical knowledge education in integrated courses to reach the level of knowledge at ATPL level.
- It is a course that allows to take the theoretical courses of airline transport pilot license education by means of digital methods.
- 90 percent of the theoretical courses, which consist of 14 courses, are given as distance education.
- Courses are held between 12.00-16.00 / 18.00-22.00 in 2 sessions.
- Theoretical training consists of 3 parts. When each part is completed, our students are entitled to take the exams held by the DGCA. The examinations of 14 courses are conducted at the DGCA examination centers.
- 660 hours of the total course hours are seperated as,
50% as digital education (tablet),
40% as virtual classroom (distance)
10% as classroom education

ATPL Teori Dersleri

010 Air Law 062 Radio Navigation
021 AGK Airframe and Systems 091 VFR Communication
022 AGK Instrumentation 092 IFR Communication
040 Human Performance 032 Performance
050 Meteorology 081 Principles of Flight
031 Mass and Balance 070 Operational Prosedures
061 General Navigation 033 Flight Planning

3. Module Night Rating (NR):

- Includes 5 hours of night flight. - NR training lasts about 5 days.

4. Module Pilot in Command Flight (PIC)

- PIC (Pilot in Command) flights are required to be carried out under the control and responsibility of the students. - Includes 88 hours solo flight. - Flights last about 2 months.

5. Module Instrument Rating Training (IR)

- 18 hours of theoretical training. - It includes 50 hours of flight training, all of which are conducted with the teacher pilot. - The 15-hour flight is performed by aircraft and the 35-hour flight is performed on the FNPT-II simulator in Istanbul. - IR training lasts approximately 2 months.

6. Module Commercial Pilot License Training (CPL)

- Includes 15 hours of flight training. - CPL training lasts 15 days.

CPL / IR Control Flight

- At the end of 6 stages successfully completed, the students who have passed at least 200 hours of flight and approximately 800 hours of theoretical training are subjected to a 2-hour CPL / IR control flight accompanied by the DGCA examiner. - In the CPL / IR control flight, the successful student continues ME training in order to obtain flight authorization on a multi-engine aircraft.

7. Module Multi Engine Authorization Training (ME)

- 16 hours of theory training. - Includes 11 hours of flight training. - Trainings last for 15 days. - At the end of the training, a 2 hour ME / IR control flight is conducted with the DGCA examiner.

Students who successfully complete the 7 of modules will have ATPL license.

Required Documents for Airline Pilot License Training

- ERAH Aviation Academy Student Candidate Application Form (to be completed at school) - Class 1 Medical Certificate from Hospitals Authorized by DGCA - Diploma or Certificate of Education (E-Government) - 2 pieces - Passport Photo - 12 pieces - Criminal Record Taken for Goverment Agency Labeled as “Clear” (E-Government) - 1 piece - Copy of the Birth Certificate (E-Government) - 2 piece - Residence Certificate (E-Government) - 2 pieces - Copy of the Birth Certificate - 2 pieces - Blood Type Card (Driver's license shall stand for it) - 1 piece - Current Pilot Licenses, Certificates and Logbook Copies - If available, "Security Training" Certificate Copy - 1 piece

Bank Name: HALK BANKASI - Emek Şubesi
Account Name: Sivil Havacılık Genel Müdürlüğü
IBAN NO: TR59 0001 2009 4010 0005 0000 09
Explanation: Student's name and surname, service name and issue code must be specified.
Medical Certificate Service Fee: 250.00TL Tanzim Kodu ( SHGM329T1 )
Student Pilot License Service Fee: 20.00TL Tanzim Kodu ( SHGM249T1 )