What are the requirements for registration?
Being at least 18 years old,
Having high school or equal degree,
Having “Class 1 Medical Certificate “ from hospitals authorized by SHGM.
Are there any exams before starting training?
Sky-test psycho motor test is done before training. Work materials are sent to your e-mail before exam.
Where do you give your training?
For our modular training system, theoretical and IR simulator trainings are in İstanbul, flight trainings are in Isparta. Integrated training is in Isparta Academy Campus.
Can I be pilot while I am working or studying?
Our modular training system is for working or studying student candidates.
Is there a compulsory attendance for courses?
For PPL (Private Pilot License) stage attendance is compulsory. The training takes 5 and a half weeks. ATPL theoretical trainings are 50% in class and 90% in distance learning option.
What should my English level be? Do you ask for certificate of competency?
We don’t ask for certificate of competency for English. Knowing enough English to follow the courses is sufficient. You can improve your English throughout the training.
Are courses in English?
Courses are in Turkish and English.
Can I take the exams in Turkish?
Exams in both our school and SHGM are in English.
Can I plan my own course days?
Course planning is done by our education department. PPL and ATPL theory trainings are given in two sessions in a day. You can finish your training by getting compensations for the courses you missed in both sessions.
How do I get the courses I missed?
All the lessons you missed are given as compensation. Compensations are planned according to the availability of you, your instructor and other students who missed that class.
Can I plan my flight schedule?
You can plan your flights according to your availability and the availability of the flight line.
How long are your trainings?
Modular training takes 16 to 18 months. But it depends on the student’s attendance and success in exams. Integrated training takes at least 14 months.
Can I pay for the training by buying modules separately?
You can pay for the modules separately. All modules are priced separately.
How long have you been training pilots?
Pilots are trained in our school since 2008.
Are there any guarantee for a job?
No flight school can guarantee you a job. There is no need for a guarantee in current conditions.
What is my chance to find a job?
Our graduates can work in airlines, flight schools, private jets or in universities as pilots. 98% of our graduated pilots are working in a job.
Is there an age limit to be a pilot?
There is no age limit to be a pilot. Turkish Airlines recruits until 45 and other airlines recruit until the age of 40. If you can’t find a job until age of 45, you can work in fight schools and universities as a flight instructor.
Is being a high school graduate problem for getting a job?
You can find a job as a high school graduate. But having a bachelor’s degree will give you an advantage.
How many aircrafts do you have?
We have 22 training aircrafts. 20 of them are single engine and 2 of them are multi engine.
Which aircrafts do you train with?
We train with Cessna 172, Piper Senaca V, TecnamP2006T.
How many instructors do you have?
We have 35 theoretical knowledge instructors and 30 flight instructors.
How many graduates do you have?
We have over 700 graduates.
Do you have any student who couldn’t find a job?
We don’t have any graduates who couldn’t find a job.
Did any of your students drop out?
5% of our students drop out because of work, health, payment etc.
Do I get any refund in case of dropping out?
In case of any dropping out, you get a refund by following the cancellation procedures in our agreement.
Can I cancel my training in case of any health problems?
Yes you can. In this case cancellation procedures in our agreement are followed.
How long will the pilot need last?
According to the researches by Boeing and Airbus, the pilot need will last until at least 2035.
If I get my training from somewhere else can I continue my training with you?
In our modular training system, you can get any module you want then continue on another flight school.
Do you do license conversions?
We do license conversions.
What is the procedure for the license conversion?
License, logbook, health records, criminal records and your graduation document is sent with a petition to SHGM. After the result your papers are examined by head flight instructor to plan your flights.
Do you have any discount for airline personnel?
We do special discount for airline personnel.
Can I pay in installments?
You can pay in installments. But we don’t have an option to pay in installments after you start training.
Is there a discount for paying cash in advance?
There is a discount for paying cash in advance.
Do you have agreement with any banks?
We have agreement with some banks. They are at the bottom of our price chart. You can do individual application.
Can I get 2 years postponed loan?
Only Denizbank gives 2 years postponed loans.
Can I pay you when I get a job?
No you can not. Payment plans for your budget can be made by our school.
Do I pay extra if I finish my training in more than 18 months?
Our training prices are not determined by the training length. Our schools commitment is between 16 and 20 months. Your training length depends on you.
Do I pay for anything else other than training fee?
You pay 50 TRY for each ATPL exam to SHGM. Other than this you need to pay 250 TRY examiner fee to the authorized control pilot sent by SHGM for check flights.
Is accommodation included?
For integrated training accommodation is given as a gift. For modular training because the students go to the line of flight according to their availability, it is not included.
Where will I stay?
Mabeyn Apart which we have an agreement with is the most preferred place to stay. Other than that, you can stay in Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, Ramada Hotel, Barida Hotel and Devin Hotel.
How does transportation work? Do you provide service vehicle?
Your transportation to or from Isparta are paid by you. We have free service vehicle to get you from your place to our training academy.
Do you keep track of your graduates?
We keep track of our graduates. We have a special bond with all our students and because of this, we will follow their employment process and add them to our graduate list.
Which airline do most of your graduates work?
Most of our graduates work at THY. In addition to THY, our graduates work at Pegasus, SunExpress, Onur Air.
What is the percentage of the employment of your graduates?
The employment rate of our graduates is 98%.
What is the success rate of your students?
Success rate of our students is 85%.