Since the day we were established as ERAH Aviation Academy, we have aimed to train pilots to meet the needs of the sector by closely following the development of Turkish civil aviation. In the rapidly developing aviation sector in the world, we have continued our investments in our country without slowing down in the last 5 years by adopting the great projects and vision of our state as a principle to ourselves.

ERAH Aviation Academy, which we established in 1991, started its educational adventure in 2008 with ERAH Flight School training building in Antalya and Isparta and 3 Cessna aircrafts. In 2009, we completed our first major investment in aircraft maintenance repair hangar and flight training building at Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport which we use as a flight line. Our maintenance and repair hangar of 1000 square meters gives us the opportunity to carry out periodic maintenance of 5 aircraft at the same time and enables us to complete our trainings safer in a shorter time. In addition, our facility opened in 2015 as Istanbul Theoretical Training Center, in an area of 1000 square meters, offers services to candidates who want to study in Istanbul.

In 2017, we launched the ERAH Aviation Academy Campus at Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport in order to meet the demand for increasing pilot needs in the world and in our country. In our campus, we have established systems that will determine the training criteria in flight training buildings both as technology infrastructure and training system and visual design.

Today, as ERAH Aviation Academy, we provide our students with an average of 2 thousand hours of flight and an average of 25 thousand hours of annual flight with more than 22 aircraft. In our simulator flight trainings, we provide an average of 5 thousand hours of training per year. Theoretical and simulator trainings are continuing in our facility in Istanbul.

Since 1991, ERAH Aviation Academy has invested in every human-oriented approach to add value to its students and the aviation industry; it continues to make a difference for new generation pilots.

Love and respect,


General Manager