Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to provide candidates without flight training all the theoretical and flight training starting from PPL training to the ATPL stage. Students who successfully complete their education will have ATPL license.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum Age:

- Being over 18,

Education Level:

- Being high school or equivalent school graduates, - Having intermediate level of English knowledge, - Having sufficient level of mathematics and physics knowledge to follow the course,

Medical Conditions:

- To hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate issued by DGCA, Click here to reach the list of authorized hospitals.

Other Conditions:

- Having appropriate criminal record,


Course Stages

The integrated ATPL course is a full-time course. The trainee is entitled to obtain ATPL license by completing theory courses and flights.

1.1 Theoretical Training Stage

- Courses are given in Turkish and English. - It is planned to be 207 hours in total over 6 hours a day. - Training lasts about 7 weeks. - 14 topics transferred to students in theoretical trainings are shown in the table below.

Integrated ATPL Theory Training Courses

010 Air Law 062 Radio Navigation
021 AGK Airframe and Systems 091 VFR Communication
022 AGK Instrumentation 092 IFR Communication
040 Human Performance 032 Performance
050 Meteorology 081 Principles of Flight
031 Mass and Balance 070 Operational Prosedures
061 General Navigation 033 Flight Planning

2.1 Flight Training Stage

- After completing the theoretical training, the pilot receives a total of 13 hours of flight training.

2.2 Flight Training Stage

- After 13 hours of flight training, the student receives a total of 20 hours and 30 minutes of flight training at this stage.

1.2 Theoretical Training Stage

- Courses are given in Turkish and English. - It is planned as 6 hours per day, 567 hours in total. - Training lasts about 6 months. - 14 theory courses are completed at this stage.

2.3 Flight Training Stage

- After 567 hours of theory training, our students receive 50 hours of flight training at this stage.

2.4 Flight Training Stage

- Our students take a total of 105 hours of flight training at this stage.

1.3 Theoretical Training Stage

- Our students take a total of 25 hours of MCC Theory training at this stage.

2.5 Flight Training Stage

- This is the last stage of the training. - At this stage, our students have 15 MCC flight training and completes the Integrated ATPL training.

Our pilot students will be ready for their first professional meeting with the sky by completing 823 hours of theory, 208 hours of flight and simulator training in 15 months.

Required Documents for Airline Pilot License Training

- ERAH Aviation Academy Student Candidate Application Form (to be completed at school) - Class 1 Medical Certificate from Hospitals Authorized by DGCA - Diploma or Certificate of Education (E-Government) - 2 pieces - Passport Photo - 12 pieces - Criminal Record Taken for Goverment Agency Labeled as “Clear” (E-Government) - 1 piece - Copy of the Birth Certificate (E-Government) - 2 piece - Residence Certificate (E-Government) - 2 pieces - Copy of the Birth Certificate - 2 pieces - Blood Type Card (Driver's license shall stand for it) - 1 piece - Current Pilot Licenses, Certificates and Logbook Copies - If available, "Security Training" Certificate Copy - 1 piece

Bank Name: HALK BANKASI - Emek Şubesi
Account Name: Sivil Havacılık Genel Müdürlüğü
IBAN NO: TR59 0001 2009 4010 0005 0000 09
Explanation: Student's name and surname, service name and issue code must be specified.
Medical Certificate Service Fee: 250.00TL Tanzim Kodu ( SHGM329T1 )
Student Pilot License Service Fee: 20.00TL Tanzim Kodu ( SHGM249T1 )