ERAH as Turkey's best aviation academy, we take firm steps forward with the training we provide to the aim of becoming one of the few schools at international level. We are aware that our most valuable power, which will make us to reach the top, is our human resources. Besides being Turkey's most trusted aviation academy, we are also implementing an effective human resources management strategy to protect our reputation as the most desired aviation academy to study.

The members of the ERAH family enjoy a happy business life as individuals who enjoy their work.


Choosing the right people for the right positions


Always increasing the competence and satisfaction of our team


Having a transparent and communicative corporate culture


Giving opportunity to innovative business ideas


Developing strategies that will contribute to employee loyalty and team spirit


Bringing people in aviation world who are the best, expert and will contribute to ERAH


Having a respectable work environment by raising awareness about ethical rules


Not allowing employee discrimination in any position


 Ensuring that our mission, vision and values are adopted by the whole team



Our most important principle is to work with team members who are responsible for the environment, society and the individual, who enjoy their work and who have high motivation and job performance.

Join the ERAH Family and Shine Like a Star in Your Career...

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Why Erah

Thanks to our quality of education and the privileges we have, our students experience and experience that ERAH Aviation Academy is the right choice during their training and in their piloting career.