Our students see and experience that ERAH Aviation Academy is the right choice by our training quality and the privileges that we have, during their training and their piloting career.

We plan and practice our pilotage training with a focused strategy for youth that has dreams of flying.

We are a helping hand to our students as not as a simple school during their training program and after the training.

There are many reasons the we are the best aviation academy in Turkey! These are some of the answers for “Why should one choose ERAH”;

Start Your Career in The Greates Airline Companies of Turkey...

We provide the high quality training that we present for our pilot candidate students by also making agreements with leading brands such as Turkish Airlines and SunExpress. To have good start to your career, we prepare your place in the cockpits of great companies.

Get rid of the though of “will I be able to become a pilot after graduating?”...

We are the most valuable brand in aviation training in Turkey. Our pilot students are nurtured to have all the qualifications that airline companies expect from them. 98 percent of our graduate pilots start flying in the airline companies they apply for.

Continue Your Training Nonstop...

Süleyman Demirel Airport in which our academy is located in provides an excellent environment for continuity for pilotage training. Our training center, which is suitable for VFR training for 340 days in a year, has a runway of 3000 meters long and 50 meters wide which is fit for international criteria.  

Get Ready to Flight with an Airline Oriented Training...

We monitor the changing expectations and advancements of global aviation industry and we keep our content of training program updated constantly. We construct stages of a successful pilocy career with an airline oriented training.

Experience the Cruise to 15 Distinct Airfields...

We have many flight lines of various international airfields that would help our pilot candidate students gain flight experience. In this context; We use primarily airports of Bursa, Yenişehir, Milas-Bodrum, Dalaman, Alanya Gazipaşa, Denizli Çardak, Samsum Çarşamba. Also we have lines to many other airports in various provinces of Turkey for student candidate pilot flights.

Do not Stick to Printed Books...

We evaluate our technology in all stages of our training program to increase efficiency. During the ATPL training, we also prefer e-books that can be used by Ipad together with books.

Set Yourselves Free of Limits by Using Digital Learning Methods...

By benefiting the potentials of digital era, we create the opportunity for our students make flexible schedules during their training. We let our students choose when they want to take modular training to practice their education face-to-face or 90 percent online lectures and 10 percent in classes.

Train Yourself with Experienced and Expert Teachers...

Our flight instructors; who has worked in airlines as captain pilots and who are experienced, knowledgeable transfer their experience about the skies in a career oriented way.

Theoretical knowledge teachers in ground training are assigned experts in their field of study who are captain pilots, aircraft engineers, meteorology engineers, air traffic controllers, flight planning specialists, aircraft maintenance techinicians and specialist doctors.

Fly with Modern Aircrafts in Your Training Flights...

Our pilot candidate students have their first professional meeting with the sky using our modern training aircrafts. We present a constant, safe and qualified training with more than 22 aircrafts which are the most prefered brands of global aviation training industry; Cessna, Tecnam and Piper in our pilot trainings.

Prepare for All Flight Situations High End Technology Simulators...

We grant the chance to experience every weather condition, all emergency methods and importantly necessities of safe flight with our ALSIM, ALX, ELITE FNPT II, Flight Deck Solutions A320 Jet Orientation, Redbird and Agronn branded 5 high end simulators that have the hardware as in real aircrafts.

Trust Technical Maintenance Capability of ERAH During Your Training Flights…

Training quality and safety of our pilot candidate students is more valuable than anything else.

With our authorization of F maintenance, in 1000 square meters maintenance-repair hangar, we perform periodic maintenances and intense maintenance with our expert technicians for our aircrafts that we use during the training. Therefore we provide constant and safe training for our students.


Train in the Modern Facilities That is Up to All Expectations…

Isparta Academy Campus

We are the first academy in Turkey that performs flight and simulator trainings inside the same facility. Our campus has 2100 m² indoor area to provide an integrated training for our pilot candidate students.

Classes, simulator rooms, library, study rooms, cafeteria and lounges all designed for stundets’ technical and social needs a with modern design.

We provide 10 classes with high end equipment, R/T (Radio Telephony) class, CBT class, 3 simulator rooms, conference room and lecture hall for seminars, a library that every document about aviation can be reached in, a cafeteria for social activities during breaks, lounges, teachers’ lounge, administrative offices for our pilot candidate students to carry on their efficient flight training.

Isparta Maintenance-Repair Hangar

We answer the question of “Should I drop my current job/education for pilot training?” with our training facility in İstanbul.

Our pilot candidate students who want to continue their business career or university education may construct their future with a flexible schedule in our facility in İstanbul which has thousand square meters indoor area.

We prove that we are the right choice by having 4 classrooms with virtual class feature in 3 of them, 2 simulator rooms, student and staff spaces, cafeteria and an exam room in our facility.

İstanbul Theoretical and Simulator Training Facility​

Isparta Maintenance-Repair Hangar was put into service in 2009 to reach high end standards in training quality and maintenance of the aircrafts in our fleet.

The hangar which has a thousand square meters contains aircraft parking lots, 3 briefing rooms, 2 classes, head flight instructor’s office, teachers’ lounge, lounge, cafeteria and operation chambers for our technicians.

Feel Like Home While in Training...

Our students may accommodate in our 180 student capacity aparment facility which is 15 minutes away from our training campus. We provide the comfort of a home in our high standard facility which is neatly planned with every detail.

Accommodation and social facilities are one of the greatest privileges among what ERAH has to offer.

The Best Training for The Best Price...

As the aviation academy that has the highest quality in Turkey, we offer best prices and easy payment. You may reach all the information through our consultants.


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Thanks to our quality of education and the privileges we have, our students experience and experience that ERAH Aviation Academy is the right choice during their training and in their piloting career.